G7G Launches Kinahan’s METAVERSE

Welcome to a brave new world!

G7G has launched the Kinahan’s Whiskey METAVERSE via Kinahans.World.

The beverage sector’s very first METAVERSE also gives rise to the industry’s first virtual humans in META environments. Kinahan’s virtual humans will act as virtual brand ambassadors. Each each will have an individual character, style and personality, that represent a specific Kinahan’s product. Overtime, the new virtual human ambassadors will become fully automated and evolved into hyper realistic AI-enabled digital humans, with additional features and technologies to allow full consumer interaction.

G7G plan is for Kinahan’s virtual human ambassadors to be part of Kinahan’s education campaigns of both existing and forthcoming whiskey releases, as well as other digital products, including Kinahan’s Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

G7G aims to enrich product experience for it’s brand’s consumers. The goal is to build a new value proposition for the next generation of innovative whiskey lovers around the globe.