CUSP collective is a global team of specialists, focused on crafting world-class digital solutions for today’s modern companies. And like every good shoemaker it needed a pair of fancy shoes. The site was meant to be the statement and a hallmark that differentiates CUSP from other agencies.


To unbind our creativity we needed something more than CSS and JS. This site utilizes the power of modern Web tools like WebGL, GLSL, PixieJS and ThreeJS. That allowed us to develop animations that cannot be created with conventional technologies. Shaders written with GLSL relocate calculations from CPU to GPU. That helps maintain high performance when it comes to rendering multiple complex animations simultaneously.


When brainstorming we have realized that none of the references was a perfect fit for an authentic look of the site. So we wrote custom solutions for a vast majority of animations and interactions ourselves.


Running this amount of complex animations smoothly on any device, be it an old laptop or a smartphone, was a challenging task. The usage of shaders improved performance significantly. Combining optimization’s best practices with revising chunks of the project until there is no excess code resulted in further performance improvements. This way we made the site work at 60 FPS on most devices without compromising the visual aesthetics.


The site was warmly welcomed by the community and received numerous prestigious awards including “Site of the Day” on three major platforms – FWA, Awwwards, and CSS Design Awards. Moreover, it is being featured in various compilations as an inspiration and example on such platforms like Mindsparkle Mag, Greensock, Commarts, and Codrops.






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Site of the Day
Site of the Day
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